3J Yachting: CADMATIC puts us at the forefront of the naval design

Starting with CADMATIC Marine Design Software and Plant Design Software in 2011 and 2013 respectively, 3J Yachting has finished about 35 structural projects and 9 piping projects. “We are the first company in Italy working with CADMATIC in the naval field. CADMATIC simplifies our way of working and puts us at the forefront of naval design,” says Andrea Ciuti, piping engineer at 3J Yachting.

3J Yachting chose CADMATIC to develop both piping and outfitting design because they recognized the potential and production opportunities of the software. Especially with the CADMATIC Diagram Application, the company is able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Faster creation and assignment of components and pipe runs to each pipeline
  • Quick assignment of attributes to components
  • Generation of useful components, which is also available in the preliminary design phase
  • Easier changes to specifications for some pipelines at the same time by using copy data

The yard provided documentation including the technical specifications, the drawings archive of the yacht, shipyard standards and details library.  In order to re-create the required standard of supply with CADMATIC, piping diagram views and material lists needed to be exported in CAD and EXCEL files respectively.

Diagram composition

  1. General arrangement (reference drawing)
  2. Pipelines and labels (Diagram object templates and drafting elements)
  3. Sheet format, tables and typical details (Autocad template drawing)
  4. Complete drawing according to customer’s standard exported in cad format

Systems and pipelines were created in Diagram ready to be used in plant modeler areas. NS, Materials and some custom attributes which are usually assigned in PM after modelling were defined and assigned during the diagram design step.

Component list was compiled using information entered as object attributes and exported to EXCEL using a specifically created Query.

No pipe specification was defined before submitting the diagrams to the customer. Specifications were assigned to all the lines before modeling using the COPY DATA function in Diagram.

3J Yachting is an engineering and consulting firm working in both naval and pleasure craft fields. Founded in 2002 in Follonica with the idea of combining all the different competencies, it provides planning, functional design and detailed design for all areas of expertise.  The ten-year experience added to a background achieved in different kinds of expertise of the National Shipbuilding provide 3J Yachting high experience and competence daily available in many shipyards which a close collaboration has grown and strengthened with in the course of time.

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