Nupas Cadmatic

Our team uses a one-size-fits-all model to develop and realize projects thanks to the Nupas-Cadmatic software.
Our engineers directly model the basic structure in 3D with a preliminary sizing. With the 3D model we can easily create classification plans and estimate the preliminary weight and barycenter on the basis of used materials.

Subsequent reviews are managed by using the 3D parametric model which after being approved is used to continue the detail engineering work.
The structural 3D model is divided into different manufacturing blocks so that each designer can develop a single block in detail in parallel with others, then complete it with its related workshop research and files.

From early modeling phases the structures realized with Nupas are imported on Cadmatic to work at the same time on machinery positioning and plants.

The Piping model processed in Cadmatic is used for the machinery lay-out assembling, coordinates and pipe sketches. Thus, the working team is kept up-to-date without risks of interferences or wrong information.
Our customers appreciate our working method, faster and more precise than the classic designing approach.