Naval Architecture

Considering and calculating the horse power necessary to the boat is essential to satisfy the owner’ s requests in terms of speed and autonomy. The complexity of this task is optimizing the whole boat : from the hull design to the choice of the propulsion system , the optimization of trunks arrangement and a careful monitoring of weights. These are the fundamental requirements to make the project succeed.

3JYachting provides intact stability and damaged stability calculations for all types of vessel in accordance with the main requirements and international standards. We use advanced and constantly updated softwares for our calculations. Stability calculations are summed up in the Stability booklet together with the Captain’ s Guide.

Aim of Naval Architecture

  • Lines plan and hull starting
  • Hull 3D model
  • Intact stability calculations
  • Damaged stability calculations
  • “Captain’ s Guide” bookle
  • Running resistance calculations
  • Power/speed/engine’s revolutions prediction
  • Fuel consumption analysis