Planning and Design

3J Yachting realizes independently outdoor and indoor design for yachts and other types of boats, or it avails itself of strengthened collaborations with internationally renowned designers.

The coordinated collaboration with the designer combines the artistic feature with the technical requests necessary for the vessel, an essential part for the implementation of the project. The task of Engineering in the field of a yacht’ s project development is to complete the architectural design giving technical value as requested by the requirements and the rules of Naval Design.

The respect of the roles of the designer and the marine engineer is essential to employ the synergy of competences to its full potential and get the project which matches the best compromise.

The basic design of a yacht is the development of the documentation that in accordance with the desires of the shipowner and the designer releases a set of drawings and papers guaranteeing its feasibility .

Aims of Basic Design

  • Project feasibility study
  • Technical specifications
  • Capacity plan
  • Functional systems schemes
  • Preliminary engine room arrangement
  • Weight prediction
  • Preliminary stability
  • Power/speed/autonomy prediction
  • Classification plans

What described above allows to proceed with feasibility study, preliminary estimate, customer promotion and it is provided together with exterior and interior design.