Systems and piping

An accurate design of on-board engineering fully meets the demands of the customer at the lowest amount of cost and space, while guaranteeing compliance with the highest safety standards. We usually start from a topographic representation and one of the basics of each system from which we then identify positions and actual amounts of space.

3J Yachting produces single-line diagrams starting from regulations demands and the boat technical scantling standard and provides the necessary information for the work in progress through 3D modeling of the overall coordinated , including hydraulic lines, raceways and air ducts.

Aim of systems and piping

  • Calculation of flows, capacity and hydraulic head
  • Equipment sizing and pipes diameter
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Engine room and technical rooms layout
  • Coordinated and assembling plans
  • Workshop documentation (pipe sketch)
  • Materials requirements and valves book